A new SCons release, 4.5.2, is now available on the SCons download page:


Here is a summary of the changes since 4.5.1:


  • Fix a problem (#4321) in 4.5.0/4.5.1 where ParseConfig could cause an exception in MergeFlags when the result would be to add preprocessor defines to existing CPPDEFINES. The following code illustrates the circumstances that could trigger this:

    env.MergeFlags({'CPPDEFINES': 'c'})


  • Remove the redundant wheel dependency from pyproject.toml, as it is added automatically by the setuptools PEP517 backend.

Thanks to the following contributors listed below for their contributions to this release.

git shortlog --no-merges -ns 4.5.1..HEAD
 3  Mats Wichmann
 2  William Deegan
 1  Michał Górny