These are the major SCons mailing lists available for your enjoyment and education.

For the Mailman-based lists, you can administer your subscription via the web at:

For the (older) Tigris-based lists, if you already have an account at you can manage your subscriptions directly. The full list of discussions also has obsolete mailing lists and specialized private lists.


Announcements and news related to SCons. This is a low-volume, read-only list for people who simply want to know when the next release is available, when a significant update occurs to the web site, or other major news events.

Only a limited number of people may post to this list; discussions should go in the User General Discussion list or the SCons Development list, described below.

To subscribe, send an empty email message to the mailing list manager.

User General Discussion

Information and discussion about using SCons.

A general discussion list for the project's end users. If you're in doubt as to whether a post should go here or to 'dev', then it should probably go here first -- people will suggest posting it to 'dev' if that's appropriate.

You must be a member of this list to post.

The old Tigris scons users list is now closed, as of June 2012.

SCons Development

Discussion among developers working on SCons. This is the main list for developers to discuss project development issues. Non-development questions should be posted to 'users' instead; that includes usage questions, build problems, configuration issues, etc.

You must be a member of this list to post.

The old Tigris scons dev list is now closed, as of June 2012.

Commit Messages

Automated notification of version control changes in the project.

Since the project has switched it's revision control to a Git repo hosted on if you wish to be notified about commits, pull requests, etc about the repository you'll need to watch the repo on the github site. Then you will be able to set whether you want github to email you on notifications from the repo under Settings -> Manage your account -> Notifications.

Notification of Issues

Please watch the GitHub SCons/SCons repo via: