Mailing lists

The most reliable way to contact us is to send email to one of our mailing lists. In general, the best place to start is the users' mailing list as it's common that other users have faced the same problem before and can quickly suggest what to do. If your topic is better addressed by the developers' mailing list, someone will suggest you send it there for consideration.

You should be warned that responses will usually be sent to the mailing list rather than directly to you, so it's a good idea to subscribe to the mailing list (see the instructions) before sending the message.

Also note that the mailing lists are moderated, so your messages may be delayed before they appear on the list. Subscribing to the list will (normally) cause moderation to be skipped, but the software used by our mailing list provider has been known to be buggy in this regard, and it sometimes requires administrator intervention to set things right.

Web Site

If you need to contact someone about our web pages (even if it's as simple as a typo that should be corrected), send mail to and someone should get back to you.

If there's no response after a couple of days, the webmaster is probably on vacation, so you should Send email to dev mailing list so that the it doesn't get lost.

Discord Channel

The SCons Discord channel is We're trying this as an alternative/superset of IRC as Discord maintains history and allows more formatting options. Please join and come say hi!

IRC Channel

The SCons IRC channel is #scons on the Libera service . If there's someone there, the response is quicker than the mailing list, but the SCons culture is geared more toward email than IRC, so IRC coverage is sporatic and unpredictable.

Regular Participants

To contact any of the development team, send email to the dev@scons mailing list as described above.

Project Alumni