SCons is actively looking for developers. If you're interested, we'd love to hear from you at

It's only fair that you get an idea of how we develop SCons before deciding if you'd like to help. There is a complete and evolving set of Developer's Guidelines that go into reasonable detail about how we're guaranteeing that SCons is always an exceptionally stable and reliable tool for building software. Here are the key points:

  • We write a lot of automated tests to test the daylights out of SCons. Lines of test code currently outnumber lines of code in SCons itself by more than 2.5 to one.
  • You can use git (via github) as a front end for submitting patches.

Please take a look at the complete guidelines before deciding to hop on board.

That said, here are resources for SCons developers (or onlookers):

Developer's Guidelines

The complete statement of guiding principles and procedures for SCons development. Subject to change and improvement.

Project Page

The SCons project page at GitHub. This is the center of active SCons development, hosting the issue tracker (bugs, patches, tasks, etc.). The old Subversion repository is there, but we now use GitHub to host the official source repository.

Project Page

The SCons project page at SourceForge. This is where we used to host development, but no longer. It's now mostly of historic interest, although it's also the origination site for downloads.

Archive of the latest checked-in source in .tar.gz or .zip

The whole source tree in easy-to-download form. Updated whenever a change is made to SCons. (Note that the source tree in these archives is mostly for packaging and testing of SCons; consult the README file for information about how to build packages and install SCons from the source tree. It's not handled by executing python directly from this package.)

Latest API documentation

A set of HTML pages documenting the API of the latest SCons release. These are generated by epydoc from the SCons source code and doc strings. NOTE: We only started generating this documentation with the 0.96.95 release, so it's likely that much of the text might reflect older, outdated versions of source code, and needs updating. If you find these sorts of things, please let us know by filing a bug report, or even Pull Request yourself.

GitHub Repository

Our browsable GitHub repository is kept at The master branch contains the most-current development, but some long-term development is carried out on subsidiary branches. Anyone may clone the main repository from github. See the Branching and Merging page in our wiki for a description of the different branches and how we handle branch management.

SCons Buildbot

The SCons Buildbot, which runs the entire SCons test suite on multiple systems after every checkin. The SCons Buildbot is hosted by Bad Dog Consulting.