5.5. GetBuildPath: Getting the Path From a Node or String

env.GetBuildPath(file_or_list) returns the path of a Node or a string representing a path. It can also take a list of Nodes and/or strings, and returns the list of paths. If passed a single Node, the result is the same as calling str(node) (see above). The string(s) can have embedded construction variables, which are expanded as usual, using the calling environment's set of variables. The paths can be files or directories, and do not have to exist.

print(env.GetBuildPath([n, "sub/dir/$VAR"]))

Would print the following file names:

% scons -Q
['foo.c', 'sub/dir/value']
scons: `.' is up to date.

There is also a function version of GetBuildPath which can be called without an Environment; that uses the default SCons Environment to do substitution on any string arguments.