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Module Debug

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Code for debugging SCons internal things. Shouldn't be needed by most users.

Functions [hide private]
logInstanceCreation(instance, name=None) source code
string_to_classes(s) source code
fetchLoggedInstances(classes='*') source code
countLoggedInstances(classes, file=sys.stderr) source code
listLoggedInstances(classes, file=sys.stderr) source code
dumpLoggedInstances(classes, file=sys.stderr) source code
memory() source code
caller_stack(*backlist) source code
caller_trace(back=0) source code
_dump_one_caller(key, file, level=0) source code
dump_caller_counts(file=sys.stderr) source code
func_shorten(func_tuple) source code
Trace(msg, file=None, mode='w', tstamp=None)
Write a trace message to a file. Whenever a file is specified, it becomes the default for the next call to Trace().
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Variables [hide private]
  __revision__ = 'src/engine/SCons/ issue-2856:2676:d23b...
  tracked_classes = {}
  caller_bases = {}
  caller_dicts = {}
  shorten_list = [('/scons/SCons/', 1), ('/src/engine/SCons/', 1...
  TraceFP = {}
  TraceDefault = '/dev/tty'
  TimeStampDefault = None
  StartTime = 1344181855.15
  PreviousTime = 1344181855.15
  __package__ = 'SCons'
Variables Details [hide private]


'src/engine/SCons/ issue-2856:2676:d23b7a2f45e8 2012/08/05 15:\
38:28 garyo'


[('/scons/SCons/', 1),
 ('/src/engine/SCons/', 1),
 ('/usr/lib/python', 0)]