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Class DictCmdGenerator

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UserDict.UserDict --+        
     Util.OrderedDict --+    
            Util.Selector --+

This is a callable class that can be used as a command generator function. It holds on to a dictionary mapping file suffixes to Actions. It uses that dictionary to return the proper action based on the file suffix of the source file.
Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, dict=None, source_ext_match=1) source code
src_suffixes(self) source code
add_action(self, suffix, action)
Add a suffix-action pair to the mapping.
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__call__(self, target, source, env, for_signature) source code

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Class Methods [hide private]

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__init__(self, dict=None, source_ext_match=1)

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Overrides: UserDict.UserDict.__init__

__call__(self, target, source, env, for_signature)
(Call operator)

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Overrides: Util.Selector.__call__