27.5. Building RMI Stub and Skeleton Class Files: the RMIC Builder

You can generate Remote Method Invocation stubs by using the RMIC Builder. The source is a list of directories, typically returned by a call to the Java Builder, and the target is an output directory where the _Stub.class and _Skel.class files will be placed:

      classes = Java(target = 'classes', source = 'src/pkg/sub')
      RMIC(target = 'outdir', source = classes)

As it did with the JavaH Builder, SCons remembers the class directory and passes it as the -classpath option to rmic:

      % scons -Q
      javac -d classes -sourcepath src/pkg/sub src/pkg/sub/Example1.java src/pkg/sub/Example2.java
      rmic -d outdir -classpath classes pkg.sub.Example1 pkg.sub.Example2

This example would generate the files outdir/pkg/sub/Example1_Skel.class, outdir/pkg/sub/Example1_Stub.class, outdir/pkg/sub/Example2_Skel.class and outdir/pkg/sub/Example2_Stub.class.