17.6. Using Glob with VariantDir

The Glob file name pattern matching function works just as usual when using VariantDir. For example, if the src/SConscript looks like this:

      env = Environment()
      env.Program('hello', Glob('*.c'))

Then with the same SConstruct file as in the previous section, and source files f1.c and f2.c in src, we would see the following output:

      % ls src
      SConscript  f1.c  f2.c  f2.h
      % scons -Q
      cc -o build/f1.o -c build/f1.c
      cc -o build/f2.o -c build/f2.c
      cc -o build/hello build/f1.o build/f2.o
      % ls build
      SConscript  f1.c  f1.o  f2.c  f2.h  f2.o  hello

The Glob function returns Nodes in the build/ tree, as you'd expect.