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The sphinx4scons package provides an SCons tool to invoke the Sphinx documentation generator from SCons build scripts.

It has been tested with SCons v2.0.1 Sphinx v1.1.2

Provided builder

The Sphinx builder is similar to the Java builder in that the source and the target arguments are directories instead of single files. The builder will scan the given source directory for source files. It will read the sphinx configuration file for the project and deduce the extension used for source files from there. The builder also honors the exclude_patterns entry in the configuration file. The return value from the Sphinx builder is dependent upon the documentation format being generated. For example, if the output is a single html file, the name of that file will be the return value. If LaTeX or man files are being generated, the names of these files will be in the return value. File names for different formats are fetched from applicable sections in the sphinx configuration file. The builder requires at least two arguments, the first is the target directory, and the second is the source directory. There is also a set of optional builder arguments:
A string with the name of the documentation generator (sphinx builder) to use. Please see sphinx documentation for available builders. The default sphinx builder to use is the html builder.
Path to the sphinx configuration file to use.
Path to doctrees directory.
A string with sphinx_build options. It will be copied verbatim to the command line.
A python dictionary with strings. Each entry will be put on the command line as -D key=value and will hence override settings in the sphinx configuration file.
A python list of strings. Each string will be preceded by -t on the command line, and hence define a tag.


Sphinx('_build/html', '.')

This will generate documentation using the sphinx html documentation generator and the current directory as source and put the resulting files in the _build/html directory.

Sphinx('_build/latex', '.', builder='latex')

This will generate latex documentation (provided that it is set up properly in the sphinx configuration file) in the _build/latex directory.

Sphinx('_build/doc/dirhtml', 'doc', builder='dirhtml', tags=['draft'], config='doc/draft')

This will generate a dirhtml directory structure (see sphinx documentation) in the _build/doc/dirhtml directory, using doc as the source directory and the file doc/draft/ as the sphinx configuration file. Additionaly it will set the tag "draft" on the sphinx command line.

Construction environment variables

The sphinx4scons tool sets and uses the following set of construction environment variables.

The sphinx build script. Default is sphinx-build
The sphinx builder to use if no other option is given, defaults to html.
The command line used to invoke sphinx. Default is $SPHINXBUILD $_SPHINXOPTIONS ${SOURCE.attributes.root} ${TARGET.attributes.root}
This only affects presentation. If set to a non-empty value this string will be displayed when the sphinx command is invoked, instead of the content of the $SPHINXCOM variable.
Path to sphinx configuration file. The default is "" (the empty string) which will make sphinx use the file in the source directory.
Directory for doctrees. The default is "" (the empty string) which will make sphinx fallback to its default value, .doctrees in the target directory.
Additional command-line flags, will be copied verbatim to the command line. The default is "" (the empty string).
Generated from SPHINXFLAGS, SPHINXTAGS, SPHINXSETTINGS, SPHINXDOCTREE, SPINXBUILDER, and various arguments to the builder.
This construction variable is a python dictionary with strings. Each key-value entry will be put on the command line preceded by -D, e.g. the dictionary {"key":"value"}, will be transformed to -D key=value. It is used to override settings in the configuration file. The default is {} (the empty dictionary).
This construction variable is a python list of strings. Each entry will be put on the command line as a tag definition, i.e. preceded by -t. The default is [] (the empty list).

Known issues

This module supports building documentation from what scons calls repositories (don't confuse that with source code control repositories). However, due to the way sphinx-build works, all document source files must be in the same directory tree, not part of it in a local diectory and part of it in a repository tree. You can however have the configuration file and files and directories relative to that in a repository and source files in e.g. a local directory.

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