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 * on default branch, run `python bin/ develop` to go back to develop mode. (Not sure if this is really needed?)
 * commit those changes after review
 * On default branch, copy all the changes from the release branch back to the default branch. (XXX: then why do we have the release branch??)
   * `hg diff -r default:X.Y.Z | patch -p1`
 * On default branch, run `python bin/ post` to go back to develop mode.
 * Commit those changes after review

Simplified Release Procedure for 2012 and later

The procedure has been used for all releases since 2.2.0.

Prepare Binaries and Doc

  • validate and update all documentation files by calling:
    python bin/
    python bin/
    python bin/

    , then check all diffs for the files in docs/generated/*.

  • Commit the auto-generated doc changes to current branch ("Regenerated docs for X.Y.Z release.")
  • update CHANGES.txt (should already be up to date)
  • update Announce.txt (not for checkpoints): add section for this release, important user-visible changes only. This is really long since it also has old releases. Is it useful?
  • update Release.txt: this gets its content *replaced* for each release. New functionality, deprecated functionality, changed functionality, and fixes. Get this from CHANGES.txt. Add new contributors to list at end.
  • edit debian/changelog. Be careful of formatting here, it gets machine-parsed.

  • NOTE: I think Announce and Release are backwards; Release should be complete release notes for all versions (latest at top) and Announce should be a short blurb of just this release. FIXME!
  • Commit this to the current branch (normally default branch in hg, unless this release is coming off a branch).
  • update ReleaseConfig and run python bin/ release (this modifies CHANGES, Release and Announce -- that's why you should commit the above first.)

  • build packages and doc: python >& build-XYZ.log (good idea to save build logfile somewhere)

  • test them: python -a (Q: aren't there special tests to test the unpacked installers?)

You should now have the following in build/dist:


The .linux-x86_64 ones are not needed and may be deleted; the others all get uploaded to SF.

  • You have to rename the scons-$VERSION.win32.exe to scons-$VERSION-setup.exe; the build SConstruct should be fixed to do this. (Note that the upload script requires this.)

Tag Release in Mercurial

  • commit the changes made by onto a release branch:

   hg branch rel_<NAME>
   hg commit (message: final auto updates for x.y.z release)
   hg tag <NAME> (e.g. 2.2.0)

Upload Software and Doc

  • There is now a shell script to do this: bin/ X.Y.Z mysfusername as long as SourceForge and have your ssh pub key and you're using SSH Agent Forwarding.

  • It uploads all the packages to SF, uploads the doc to, unpacks it, and updates the doc symlinks.
  • You may still have to tell SF that the new release dirs exist in its File Manager (it's a bit buggy).

Prepare Announcement and announce to all

  • Use Announce.txt and/or Release.txt as blurb
  • Update Much of the hard work is already done by the script. You just have to manually edit these files in public_html/production:


update $latestrelease, update $docversions[] and $apiversions[] list


add an announcement for the home page
remove any out-of-date announcements


add an announcement to the list (duplicate it from what you just added to index.php)

  • Commit the above changes to hg and push.
  • Update Sourceforge:
    • set default downloads for each win/linux/mac etc. appropriately, using the "info" link on the right of each download.
  • Update Tigris:
    • check out tigris website: svn checkout scons-tigris --username USERNAME

    • Then edit the trunk/www/project-highlights and trunk/www/roadmap.html pages and svn commit. That will make them live.
    • Manually add a new Announcement: log in to the site, then upper left Announcements, then in there Add New Announcement.
    • Add version to issue tracker: Issue Tracker, Configuration, Add/Edit, Add new version.
  • Announce to scons-users and scons-dev
  • Others?

After Release

  • On default branch, copy all the changes from the release branch back to the default branch. (XXX: then why do we have the release branch??)
    • hg diff -r default:X.Y.Z | patch -p1

  • On default branch, run python bin/ post to go back to develop mode.

  • Commit those changes after review

There is more detail on some of the steps here at although that is still based on the old svn system.

It's OK to do the release-branch creation, commit and tag at the very end, just in case something goes wrong and packages need to be rebuilt.


  • do we need both Announce.txt and RELEASE.txt? Let's optimize for what we really need.
  • research above FIXMEs
  • integrate useful parts of into this page, while keeping it short and to the point.

  • make list of dependencies needed to produce release (e.g. for ubuntu: all doc tools, man2html, rpm)

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