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Here is an example of a nasm files builder (nasm is the netwide assembler):

 nasm_builder = Builder(name='Nasm', action='nasm -f elf -o $TARGET $SOURCE', src_suffix='.nasm')   nasm_env = Environment(BUILDERS = [nasm_builder]) # BUILDERS now takes a dictionary, not an array, this must be outdated  nasm_files = 'unix/snapvector unix/ftol'   nasm_objs = [ nasm_env.Nasm(target=x+'.o', source=x+'.nasm') for x in nasm_files.split() ] 


 env.Program(target='spam', source = source_list + nasm_objs)

This was inspired by this thread on scons-users

The construction of nasm_objs requires Python 2.0 or newer.

You can also note that instead of doing

nasm_files = [ 'unix/snapvector', 'unix/ftol' ] 

I did

nasm_files = 'unix/snapvector unix/ftol'  nasm_list = nasm_files.split()

that's just a handy trick when the lists of files are pretty long to write

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