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Add More site_scons dirs


Gary Oberbrunner


Accepted, implemented for SCons 2.1

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There's been some mailing list discussion about adding more site_scons dirs. Currently in 1.2, only $TOP/site_scons is searched for, site_tools, and misc python modules. It makes sense to search a whole path of these. This SEP is about where they should be on different OSes.

Search behavior

All of these dirs are searched, in the order given. Any files found are run when found. They are added to python's sys.path in the reverse order, so the user's dir is first and the system dirs are last.

Site_scons locations

Windows XP

Windows Vista and 7

Q: how to find these correctly using Windows API or env vars? Some people won't be on C:, localized dir names will differ, etc.

Linux (e.g. Ubuntu, RedHat)


Mac OS X

These next two options might or might not be useful if Application Support is chosen (which would sidestep any "my package management tool is better than yours" arguments)


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