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Hiding Command Lines in SCons Output

Q: I want scons to only show a summary of the build commands rather than the full things with all the millions of options I pass.

A: No problem. First, make sure you have 0.96.92 or later. Then there are two ways to do it.


Define env['CCCOMSTR'] to whatever you want (like "Compiling $SOURCE ..."); that just overrides the C compiler message. All standard commands have a ...STR variable that is used instead of the actual command line if it's defined.


The other takes a little more work but is more flexible; define a PRINT_CMD_LINE_FUNC that takes over the printing of the command lines. You can do basically any transformation of the command line output this way.


def print_cmd_line(s, target, src, env):
    """s is the original command line, target and src are lists of target
    and source nodes respectively, and env is the environment."""
    sys.stdout.write(" Making %s...\n"%\
         (' and '.join([str(x) for x in target])))
env['PRINT_CMD_LINE_FUNC'] = print_cmd_line

I like to use this to print a short version to stdout, while logging the full command to a log file. That looks like this:

def print_cmd_line(s, target, src, env):
    if config.quiet:
        sys.stdout.write(" %s...\n"%(' and '.join([str(x) for x in target])))
        # Save real cmd to log file
        open(env['CMD_LOGFILE'], 'a').write("%s\n"%s);
env['PRINT_CMD_LINE_FUNC'] = print_cmd_line
env['CMD_LOGFILE'] = 'build-log.txt'

You can set config.quiet to 1 however you like; parse from cmdline option, use env['CMDLINE_QUIET'] instead, whatever. Notice it's not a full build-logging solution because the output from the commands doesn't go into the build-log file. But it's still better than clogging up your shell.

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