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Tips for debugging SCons code and your scripts

To use local scons source rather than installed:

Put these lines in a shell script and run the script. If you want to run it regularly, make the script executable and put it in your private bin directory.

   1 SCONS_LIB_DIR=/path_to_scons/src/engine
   2 export SCONS_LIB_DIR
   3 exec python /path_to_scons/src/script/ .

You can also run from a checked-out SCons source dir using, which takes the same args as SCons. That should always use the SCons engine from where is found.

   1 python /path_to_scons_src/ .

If you run the commands by hand, don't include the "exec" in the final line.

To run under debugger:

   1 scons --debug=pdb <args...>
   2 b SCons/Tool/ # to stop at that file:line, looks for file in sys.path e.g. your SCONS_LIB_DIR

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